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Rare and Superb French Carved Caryatid Panels


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Rare and Superb French Carved Caryatid Panels

About the Piece

These two rare and superb carved wooden panels are French, and date to the late Gothic period, circa 1600-1700 A.D. These pieces are a matching pair, although they have slight differences. Both of these carved panels are approximately 7.8 inches wide by 17.75 inches high, and are mounted in frames that are approximately 11.75 inches wide by 28 inches high. These outer frames date circa 1800-1850, and were the mounting for the panels that were set into a hotel lobby in Paris, France. These panels were originally set into a private manor house that belonged to the Orlinski family in Normandy. The bulk of the Orlinski panels were sold at auction in San Francisco, CA., by Butterfield & Butterfield Co. in June 1996. Many of these panels, which were religious in nature, were identified as being produced by artisans who were employed in the area of Coutances, France, where the massive 13th century Gothic cathedral of Notre Dame was built. The panels seen here were finely carved and have great detail, and the condition of both panels is exceptional. These panels display two caryatids that are seen back to back, and are carved in high relief. The caryatids were known in antiquity as the priestesses of Artemis at Caryae, and were often seen as a draped female figure that supported an entablature. The figures seen on these two panels are part lion, with the lion's paw feet, part bird, with the detailed feathered wings, and part woman, with the female breasts and faces. The raised hair comb and luxuriant wavy hair is very detailed as well, and is an excellent mark that the artist that carved these pieces was very skilled. Ex: Orlinski collection, France. Ex: Private CA. collection. I certify that these pieces are authentic as to date, culture, and condition:

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