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About the piece

Type used in the American Revolution. See Neumann #62.S. Brass hilt with reversed langets, ribbed grip and hooded pommel engraved with regimental designation, B/No.64. 21 1/8" curved s.e. wedge section blade with long false edge, decorated both sides. The right with a winged figure with a sword in one hand and the scales of justice in the other. The reverse with a stag on pedestal. Additional foliage, splay of arms etc. Both motifs, clearly armorial and indicative of a militia regiment under a noble family. In the 18th century, that system was in use in England where noble families retained a degree of autonomy based on the complex history of the formation of those titles and the lands and authority attendant to them. Those regiments fought along with the regular army, but were armed according to the preference of the noble leader. Of those groups of non-regulation arms, specific to those regiments, some were preserved largely intact, usually decorating a manor house. Others were dispersed and now occasionally appear on the market with their noble associations lost. This example evidently is one of those. Well used with some nicks to the hilt and isolated pitting to the blade it likely saw service on board a merchantman or even pirate vessel. The singular band of pitting below the hilt corresponds with rack storage at sea rather than scabbard condensation as typically encountered.

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