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Collectors, designers, decorators, art enthusiasts… we market our services to a wide audience, and source our buyers through our paper and digital marketing efforts, as well as by word of mouth and an active presence at relevant local and international functions. At this time, our main client demographic is made up on interior design firms (based mostly in the Midwest), but this can obviously shift quickly at any given time depending on new contacts and projects.
Gallerique does not have a stationary showroom but work more on an online basis, finding and presenting exhibition/project opportunities for our partners. We do however help to coordinate these exhibition efforts with our partners.
Gallerique has a team continuously working on finding and sorting artists that might be a good fit for our client base. In this process they go through both our current network of clients & events, as well as new connections & art news. If artists have their own website, the team is likely to discover them through this.
Of course you can! Gallerique is not a single gallery, but partner with galleries & individual artists worldwide, taking proud in our flexibility to meet our partners needs.
Gallerique’s marketing team is constantly working on promoting our partners through our social media channels as well as advertising to relevant market segments. Additionally our partners are presented to potential clients by our curation team that personally match partners work with client requirements.
The process for shipping would be as follows:
  • We notify you of interested buyer and their location
  • You send us shipping quote based on where buyer is located
  • Buyer purchases piece + pays shipping
  • Gallerique pays you, you ship piece out directly from where you're located to the buyer
It says 5 business days in the contract, however in the case shipment/packaging would require more than 5 business days (due to framing, printing or other such procedures), Gallerique continuously communicate with buyers and this should not pose an issue.
This all depends on the client - we will communicate different options accordingly, and work with the client and partner to determine what is preferred. However feel free to include any relevant framing information in your artworks description on the website and even leave the option open for potential buyers.
There are a couple of ways this typically works: generally it is easier for our clients to purchase something if they know about the shipping price. The majority of the buyers are still in the US and so if there is a way for you to get a shipping quote that could be worked into the price, we will mentioned in the description. We want to make sure that you recover your shipping cost, at the same time I recommend keeping it somewhat economical so it doesn’t throw off your artworks prices.
The customer will pay us, we process payments through our platform then pay you (just minus our commission rate). Taxes will be collected by us when applicable - customs and other import-related charges are also charged when applicable and would be the responsibility of the buyer. Fees are dependent on the buyer's shipping address; for a shipping address outside of the United States, taxes will be charged in adherence to the country's current rates. The majority of the sales is still happening in the US. Taxes/customs/import duties are variables that are outside of our control and those are levied by the appropriate authorities, having the buyer responsible. International purchases most often proceeds as, you declare a certain amount for customs and once shipped, the authority responsible holds the goods for the buyer to pick up. At this time, the buyer also pays for the declared customs.
Our agreements with artists are terminable at any time - you just have to notify us in writing (via email or snail mail) and our tech team will remove your pieces from the site promptly (usually within 1-2 business days).
All our agreements are non-exclusive and you are free to list pieces elsewhere, all that we ask is you don't list the same piece publicly at a lower price.
It is up to the partner whether he/she wants to offer their buyers the possibility to return purchases. If not included by the partner in the description, the default is no returns. In cases where returns are made possible, the buyer pays for this service.
The on-boarding fee is for our teams to set up the online environment and process the data necessary to bring you onto the website. It is simply a fee for the work we do in order to provide you and your work with the right amount of exposure.
Once a contract is signed you will receive an email with a form to fill out. After filling out this form and making the initial payment, we will go ahead and send you instructions for how to share artworks with us so that we can create your online environment and upload them to the site.
We usually recommend our partners to share between 20- 30 artworks in order to receive a good amount of exposure however you are free to add more pieces than that.
The dates on the invoice are automatically generated by our payment system. The setup fee is a one-time payment and you will so not receive further invoices like this.
This is merely an automated email from our payment system. The system is based upon subscriptions and since you have paid your only invoice the subscription has now expired. Everything is in order!