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18-Inch Terrestrial Floor Globe

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Title - 18-Inch Terrestrial Floor Globe

Type -
Floor Globe
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Title - 18-Inch Terrestrial Floor Globe

Artist -
W. & A.K. Johnston, Ltd.

Type -
Floor Globe

Size -
39 x 24 in

Walnut four-legged baroque style stand

Year -

Condition -
Globe and horizon generally very good with the usual overall light toning, wear and soiling. Some irregularity to varnish, and a few minor scratches and abrasions, professionally restored. Stand very good with the usual wear; recently French polished.

About the piece

A terrestrial globe in calibrated full meridian, the horizon with paper calendar and zodiac, raised on a walnut Baroque style stand. The stand has a turned central standard with acanthus-leaf carved baluster above a turned beaded ring. The standard is surrounded by four turned legs, each headed by a scrolled and carved acanthus leaf horizon-band support, the legs each with an acanthus leaf carved baluster. The legs and central standard are supported by an incurved quadripartite plinth, ending in scrolled feet. Railways, “submarine telegraph cables” and warm and cold ocean currents are indicated. Oceans are colored blue-green (yellowed varnish over blue), geographic entities are in various shades of yellow, orange, brown and green. This globe shows present-day St. Petersburg, Russia, as "Leningrad;" therefore, it was made after 1924. Further, it shows Constantinople rather than Istanbul, indicating a date of manufacture before 1930. In addition, it shows Central Australia as a separate territory, limiting its period from 1927 to 1931. The stand was provided by Kittinger Company, one of the leading American furniture makers of the 20th Century. As such, the stand is of an unusually high quality for a floor globe of this period and probably was intended for home use. Kittinger sold and marketed the globe as a whole, with their overlabel on the cartouche, and their brass and paper labels under the stand. The paper label guarantees that the wood is "solid genuine American walnut" throughout. The globe incorporates globe gores by the famous and prolific British globe maker, W. & A.K. Johnston. The overlabel is very slightly chipped and reveals that the globe was made by Johnston in partnership with A.J. Nystrom.

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