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Music School

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Title - Music School

Artist -
Blaise Drummond

Type -

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Title - Music School

Artist -
Blaise Drummond

Type -

Size -
26 x 32.3 in. (66 x 82 cm)

Medium -
Intaglio with hand-stitching

Year -

Edition -

About the artist

Blaise Drummond was born in Liverpool in 1967, but has lived and worked in Ireland for many years. His influences include 1960s American land art, punk rock, the characteristic architecture of Le Corbusier and Alvar Alto, the notes made by writer Henry D. Thoreau during his stay at Walden, and the landscape paintings of Caspar David Friedrich. These sources of inspiration may at first glance seem widely disparate, but all are concerned with contradictions between nature and culture, i.e. the civilised versus the uncontrollable. Drummond's works are represented in several public collections, including the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nantes, France; the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, UK and the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin. "I grew up in the suburbs, between the city and the country, amongst houses and trees, birdsong, gardens and streets. The paintings attest to the desire for some state of grace and stasis in the world. So when excerpts from field guides and taxonomic books appear in my works I suppose that they are at once recalling a private and a universal lost eden. Beyond that the interplay between natural and architectural forms that occurs frequently in my work is obviously an exploration of the idea of that binary sort of attitude that underpins much of European thought, as well as taking pleasure in the formal, pictorial manifestation of that same duality. I think fundamentally all the works are probably an attempt to grasp at some half remembered vision of balance in world. " Blaise Drummond, 2014

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Stoney Road Press

"Stoney Road Press is a fine art publishing house which since 2001 has been collaborating with Ireland's leading contemporary artists to produce limited edition hand-made prints, books, sculptures and tapestries.

Based in Dublin, Stoney Road Press is the only independent commercially run fine art print studio in Ireland. It is also the only Irish member of the International Fine Print Dealers Association, a body committed to promoting the highest standards of quality, connoisseurship and appreciation of fine art prints. Combining traditional printing techniques with innovative digital technology, the studio is transformed for each different collaboration, producing a body of work which reflects the individual skill of each artist. In recent years the portfolio has expanded to include new work with international artists."