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Rolex Tiffany & Co. White Gold Day-Date Wristwatch Ref 1803

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Type -Rolex

Medium -Fine Watchmaking

Size -36mm

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Rolex Tiffany & Co. White Gold Day-Date Wristwatch Ref 1803

Type -

Medium -Fine Watchmaking

Year -1960-1969

Size -36mm

About the piece
White gold Day-Dates have always been in short supply compared to their yellow gold counterparts. In the 1960s, this was especially true, as this model was just emerging and gaining popularity. This early 1960s Day-Date was originally sold at Tiffany & Co and is marked accordingly on the dial. Collectors have been taking note of co-branded pieces such as this for some time, however, this watch represents a particular opportunity, as the Tiffany & Co fond is unusually large, bold and beautiful, compared to the later style used to print the name on Rolex dials. The matte black dial reveals small speckles of red and green when viewed under magnification.This is the ultimate understated rare and cool watch! Excellent original condition. 36mm.

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Fourtané Jewelers first offered its unique jewels and timepieces to residents and visitors to historic Carmel in 1950. Today, Fourtané Jewelers is one of the leading estate jewelry, vintage watch and authorized Rolex and Cartier retail stores in the country. Although the clientele now spans the globe and the store significantly expanded, still the original small, friendly, and personalized atmosphere remains unchanged.