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Title - CASING #4

Artist -
Ann Mallory

Type -

Size -
25 x 12 i

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Title - CASING #4

Artist -
Ann Mallory

Type -

Size -
25 x 12 in

Ceramic, glaze

Year -

Condition -

About the artist


1981 Parson School of Design, summer in Japan
1980 & 1982 Karen Karnes, Vermont
1978 & 1979 Frans Wildenhain, Rochester Institute of Technology
1974 Marguerite Wildenhain
1971 Stanford University, BA, Palo Alto, CA
1968 Susan Peterson, University of Southern California

Awards and Honors
1982, 1983 & 1984 Los Angeles County Museum of Art Commission
"The feel of clay, with all its infinite degrees of plasticity and then gradual hardness, is an amazing source of inspiration to me. I believe art is a process, not a product. Processing life is what I do when I am making art, whether I am working in my chosen professional material which is usually ceramics, or puttering in my garden, creating a meal in the kitchen, enjoying a walk in the woods, sitting on my deck in the summer evenings watching changes in the sky, or feeling and seeing the wind move through meadow grasses. I am constantly processing light and shadow, color and form, the spatial relationships between forms, and the emotional resonance between different proportions of negative (or empty) and positive (or occupied) space." -Ann Mallory

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Abmeyer + Wood Fine Art

Abmeyer + Wood Fine Art is located in downtown Seattle and specializes in contemporary painting and sculpture. While Abmeyer + Wood was founded in 2012, the history of the gallery in this location actually dates back to 1991. Gallery owner Jonathan Wood had been employed at Friesen Gallery in the same location since 2006 and transitioned from gallery director to owner in January 2012. Abmeyer + Wood strives to bring the best in contemporary arts to the Pacific Northwest through a roster of nationally recognized artists from the region and beyond.